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These are the items that I have found work really great for us! Everyone's list is different for different reasons but these 10 items have honestly made this first year pretty breezy for us. 

1. Nose Frida/Nasal Spray: I'll be honest, I wasn't quite sure how I felt about this contraption until my baby got her first cold at 3 months old. This was a total lifesaver and allowed my baby to breath clearer and easier while congested. The nasal spray is so easy to use and helps to clear and lubricate the nasal passageways. See Here >

2. Owlet: I LOVE my owlet. While this is a must for me, I realize that it may not be for others. It gives me SO much peace of mind knowing that something else is watching out for my baby while I am sleeping.  It is easy to put on and connects to your phone, allowing you to view your baby's oxygen levels and heart rate. See here >  http://www.owletcare.com/

3. Humidifier: I wish I would have gotten this sooner!! I bought one when my baby got her second cold and it helped SO SO much. Now, every time she starts to get sick I turned this baby on and it works wonders. This is the one I got from Target.  See Here > 

4. Mustela No-Rinse Baby Wash: My friend recommended this and I have loved it. It is all natural and safe and makes it easy to wash my baby without actually bathing her. We still take regular baths but I have used it several times to clean off hands, feet, dirty knees from crawling, and even when changing the diaper to get that area extra clean. See Here > 

5. Noise Maker: Again, this is a must for us, but I know that several babies do very well without one. I love our noise maker and our baby sleeps very well with it and it allows us to make noise in the house without risking waking her up. This is the one we use. See Here > 

6. Dark Curtains/Blackout Curtains: I bought these adorable curtains for the nursery that were suppose to be darkening curtains. They're not. My baby wasn't taking great naps so I decided to hang a dark sheet over her window. That helped SO much in allowing for longer nap and sleep times. 

7. Changing Pad: We got this one from Target and put it on the dresser in our nursery and it is probably the most used item in the nursery..   See Here > 

8. Hello Baby Monitor: We bought ours off of Amazon and we have loved it. It does not connect to Wifi, which was why we picked this one, but it is a video monitor, tracks temperature, can set a timer, and has speaker capabilities. It is also very affordable, compared to other video monitors. See Here > 

9. Stock of Diapers and Wipes: Having a stock pile of diapers and wipes has been a lifesaver as it is often in the middle of the night or the middle of a changing when you realize you are out of diapers. So, to have a stock pile is super helpful. There are often great coupons for diapers and wipes on Amazon and Costco. 

10. Book/Toy Bin: We love books and have accumulated quite a few of them. They can often make her room very messy as she pulls them all out.  We have a bin in her room for books and toys which allows for easy and quick clean up and organization. 
Hope this helps you with your nursery planning and baby prep! If you have any other suggestions let me know in the comments!

XO -CeLisa 
And, here's a little peek inside mine :)

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