5 tips to avoid "Falling Back" this Daylight Savings.

It's that time of year again where we adjust our clocks and then hope our bodies adjust as well.  This year, try these 5 easy tips to keep your sleep schedule on track.  

  1. Try as hard as you can to be consistent with your current sleep routine.  Consistency is crucial to getting deeper, restful sleep. If you don't have a set routine, here are a few ideas on how to create and stick to one:
  • Keep it simple.  We refer to ours as "Beddy Bye Time". When we say its "Beddy Bye Time" our little ones know that means three things:  Go potty, brush teeth and put on pajamas.  This may vary depending on the age your child, but keeping it simple and memorable gives them an expectation to meet. 
  • No digital time at least 2-3 hours before bedtime.  This is often the first thing I ask parents who ask for a single tip to help their kids get to sleep.  The light emitted from tv, digital devices, or screens tricks the brain into thinking it is still daytime, hence keeping them awake.  I am guilty of allowing my kids digital time but I really try hard to not let it become the rule.  This one is on you mom and dad.  You have to set the rules and stick to them.  It may be hard at first but when you notice your child AND you sleeping more, you'll thank me :). If you're having a hard time convincing your 3 year old they don't really need another episode of Doc McStuffins before bed, try this tip:
  • Kids don't really like surprises.  They say they do, but they don't.  Maybe I should say, they only like good surprises.  So, when you quickly grab the iPad from their grasp expecting them to happily get ready for bed, don't be surprised when they revolt and go into meltdown mode.  Instead, before you give them the iPad or device, set the expectation that they will be able to have a set amount of tech time.  Once it's done, they are expected to willingly abide by your rules.  This may take some retraining but it does work.  So,  set the rules and the expectations and stick to them.  
  • No sugars, sweets or stimulants.  This can be a wide array of products to avoid.  The last thing you want to do is set your child up for sleep failure.  Giving them high calorie or high sugary products before bed is going to jumpstart their metabolism and metabolism means energy.  You don't need energy just before bed.  If they insist they will surely fade away during the night if they don't eat something, opt for a healthy snack. Healthy eating is key to sleep health. Try this tip.
  1. Plan for healthy meals.  Planning takes time and can be hard but it can be done.  When you think about it, you never plan to eat unhealthy food.  You always use fast food or unhealthy food as a backup.  You can create a simple meal plan that includes healthy foods eaten at an ideal time for your family.  I firmly believe everyone should enjoy ice cream occasionally too so make sure you make room for that. :)
  • Daylight savings in the fall means you "Fall Back" and hour which can cause you or your child to wake an hour earlier than normal.  This is no fun at all. This can really shake up a child's sleep schedule and yours too.  If your child is waking up an hour earlier consistently, try moving their bedtime forward slightly to factor in their earlier wake time.  This may take some time but it will work.  
  • Exercise. This sounds sooooo easy doesn't it!?  But research shows that an overall healthy lifestyle must include regular exercise.  Whether that means training for a marathon or just a 20 minute walk each day, that is up to you and your ability and current health.  Recently I started doing yoga and "WOW!" is all I can say.  I never knew how A) Difficult it is. and B)How good I would feel.  There are some free apps and workout programs you can help keep you on track.  The point is, do something and make sure it is something you do regularly.  You need to make time to take care of yourself. It isn't being selfish, it's being wise and allows you to "Sharpen the saw" so you can be the best YOU! 
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    I hope these tips help!  I can honestly say, I have to work at doing these myself but when I do, I see a huge difference in my attitude, energy, optimism and focus.  

    Those who dream, change the world.

    Shake the Earth,

    Danny V.

    CEO/Founder Wink Naturals

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