Benefits of Non-Nanoparticle Zinc Oxide

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Zinc oxide is a fine mineral powder that makes up 40% of our bum balm. It’s a natural alternative to the usual chemicals used in many diaper creams. It is also a common ingredient in natural sunscreens. Zinc oxide makes a great diaper cream or sunscreen base because of it’s water insoluble properties. That means if you mix some zinc oxide with water, it will not dissolve into the water; it will remain water and powder. This property becomes extremely useful when being applied to the skin. Water will bead on top of the zinc, but will not break the water-resistant barrier. If you rubbed some bum balm onto your hands and then washed your hands, you’d still see the water beading on top of your hands because of the remaining zinc oxide.


Another important characteristic to note about our zinc oxide is that we use a non-nano form. A nanoparticle substance has particles so small that they are measured in nanometers (one billionth of a meter, or 10^-9). When a particle is this small, it can pass through the skin into the blood (Source 1). This is no good! That’s why we use non-nanoparticle zinc oxide. It’s much safer when in a larger form. 


There have also been numerous studies done on the effectiveness of zinc oxide as a diaper rash cream. It repeatedly pulled through with astounding results compared to the other chemicals and minerals used for diaper creams (Source 2). Zinc has also been shown to have many benefits including, but not limited to, improving synthesis of collagen and the forming of new connective tissue, keeping moisture locked into dry skin, lowering inflammation associated with rashes and irritation, and preventing bacterial infections (Source 3) (Source 4). 


Overall, zinc is an awesome mineral with some great qualities that make it the best ingredient to prevent or help with diaper rash. It’s water resistant, reduces redness and irritation, and helps fight off bacteria within minutes! Is it any wonder why we have put this in our Bum Balm?


Parents who have used the bum balm so far have left impressive reviews, which can all be viewed here: Click to read reviews.

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