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Binkie? Pacifier? Soother? Whateveryoucallit...We have tried A LOT of different ones and to be honest, most of them are great. My baby girl has liked a lot of them and disliked some of them, but there is one we have found that she has taken a special liking fact let's go with a full on 'she is obsessed with it'. It is the Natursutten Orthodontic Pacifier. It is 100% natural, biodegradable, and orthodontic (win! win! win!). It is a rubber pacifier that naturally calms and soothes babies and I love the orthodontic feature because having dentist brother I know how important this can be! Isn't it crazy how much a little binkie can do to those up-and-coming pearly whites?! It blew my mind when both my dentist brother and my pediatrician went into the details.


To sum it up, I love this pacifier because I know that it is safe, hygienic, and BPA free. If it is something my baby will be using often and also putting in her mouth, I want to know it is made well and as natural as possible. You can get them several places, but I bought mine at The Baby Cubby ( [not an ad for either company, just an honest-to-mom opinion]. xo.


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