Best Swaddle Blankets for Babies

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Swaddles are a mama’s and babies best friend for those first few months. There are so many to choose from and each mama has their own preference of swaddle, but here are my favorites, and I've tried a lot!


The Lovey Shop. These are hand-dyed and gorgeous! The reason I like Little Lovey swaddles is they are huge and so so soft. You can use them as a nursing cover because of the size, but they also swaddle well and are very breathable which is perfect for a summer babe.


Lou Lou and Company. I LOVE these swaddles. Not only are they super cute but they are super stretchy. They made swaddling, especially for this first time mama, much easier to accomplish. The swaddles would snuggle up to her little body and stay tight, which I loved.


Saranoni: This swaddle is extremely soft and breathable, as well as super cute. I LOVE the bamboo muslin fabric that they use. It makes swaddling easy and they are large enough to get a good tight swaddle and not have your baby wiggle out of it.


Little Unicorn: This brand might have the cutest fabrics for their swaddles that I have ever seen. They aren’t quite as soft as the above ones, however, they are so cute and easy to snuggle with. My baby now uses her swaddle from this brand as her “blankie”.


Swaddle Me: These are the BEST for new mamas. They make swaddling so easy as they have Velcro ends that allow for a snug and comfortable swaddle. I didn’t have to worry about her wiggling out of these as they allow you to get a secure swaddle.  I love these swaddles! Check them out here on Amazon >  



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