Cool Gums Review by Karim Jones

This isn’t my first time around the baby block. I know that just when baby starts sleeping through the night, and I start doing my happy dance, a sleep regression will happen. Which will be followed by multiple late-night wake ups. I know that even though baby might devour their peas and spinach one day, they just might decide to spit out every last bit a day later. And I knew there would come a time where my baby would start drooling through shirt after shirt and my once angelic baby would turn into a fussy little monster. 

A couple of months ago, that little monster decided to make its appearance. Poor little guy would just want to held, was waking up at night crying in pain and it was hard seeing him so sad.

In came in Wink Natural’s Cool Gums Teething Gel. I was admittedly a tad bit apprehensive about the gel because several teething relief gels and tablets (that I had used with my previous two children as babies) had recently been recalled because of the effects of belladonna and benzocaine. When I saw the news articles about them, I immediately threw out our old gels and tablets. I have to admit though, I came very (and I do mean very) close to digging them out of the trash because I was desperate to help with my baby’s pain due to his irritated gums. So, when I heard that Wink’s Cool Gums Teething gel didn’t have those ingredients, I was really hopeful that it would work. 

I tried it on myself at first to see what it felt like. Immediately, I liked that it had a nice taste- peppermint-y but not overpowering, and didn’t numb my entire mouth. Instead, it gave a nice and soothing cooling sensation to my gums. When I’ve used it on my own baby, he almost always immediately calms down. Right away! I only have one tube, but it’s definitely one of the things I don’t leave home without. It’s one of those baby products that you’ll want to keep around: by your bed, in your bag, even in the refrigerator- if you want to provide even cooler relief. I can’t believe the amazing timing of this product and would highly recommend it to all moms with babies.


-Karim Jones

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