Fall: Favorite Traditions

Easter egg hunts. Unwrapping pajamas on Christmas Eve. Special back-to-school dinners to celebrate the beginning of another school year.
One of the fun things about being a parent is establishing traditions with your family. Whether it be continuing one from your old childhood, or creating brand new ones, traditions are great ways to bring families together and create lasting memories. 
Today, I will be talking about some of my very favorite fall traditions. While a couple might not truly seem like traditions, they have come to be things that we look forward to doing together.
fall leaves
Soccer Saturdays
We are actually brand spanking new to the kids soccer world, and we are already in love with it. Both of our children started playing soccer this year, and we look forward to their Saturday games all week. After cheering on one of our kids first, we then trek on over and cheer on our second at their game. We bring along our fold up chairs, and try to motivate our little players. I love seeing our children learn to support one another, and take joy in each other's successes. Growing up, I played field hockey through middle school and high school in the fall, and playing those Saturday games and having my parents and siblings attend and cheer me on are some of my favorite memories. 
Family Pictures
I know what you might be thinking. "Family pictures?! What a stressful time!" And I get it! I really do! You spend days trying to come up with just the right outfits, try to narrow down a time and place to do it. And then when the day finally arrives, it feels like a hundred other things suddenly fall on your plate. I will admit, some years our family pictures have gone smoothly, others not as much. And one year, I almost ended up in tears and decided to scrap the whole idea entirely and vowed to never take another family picture ever again. Fortunately, I think I had my pregnancy hormones to blame for that, and we already managed to have our family pictures taken this year. Even though the process might be a lot of work, I love looking back through our family pictures through the years to see all the changes everyone has gone through. Oftentimes, I'll remember the minutes or hours that preceded the actual pictures, and I'll usually laugh and I'll admittedly cringe at other memories as well. 
Pumpkin Picking
Who doesn't love pumpkin picking?? My husband and I have gone pumpkin picking every year of our marriage. The addition of our children has made the experience even better. It's so fun to see each of our kids pick out their very own pumpkin, and last year it was so sweet to watch them pick out one for their baby who was on the way. Along with the picking of pumpkins, there is almost always a small treat that goes along with the experience. Our favorite place to pick pumpkins was back where we lived in Virginia. The farm would make their own pumpkin flavored ice cream, and I have yet to taste another pumpkin ice cream to come close to it! 
Fall is truly my favorite season, and I am so excited to maybe even discover new traditions for our family centered around the best time of the year! What are some of your fall-time traditions?

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