Family-Oriented New Year's Resolutions

New Year, new you?! I know some people hate resolutions and they often get a bad rap because they are only kept or worked on for a month, but I just can’t help but love how a new year feels like a fresh start…and we all need those at least every 12 months, right?!


In our family we focus on goals and things we want to do as a family, as a couple, and as individuals. A few days after the New Year begins we sit down together as a family and look at our past year in review. We have the girls document a little bit about their last year (and file these away in their memory books – we love looking at them later!) and my husband and I talk about things that we loved, memories we made, things that didn’t go so well and what we want to change or do differently in the year to come. After the girls fill out their year-in-review pages we talk as a family about goals we have for the upcoming year. We focus on three specific areas and then add a bucket list of things we want to do together as a family in the upcoming year. All families won't have the same areas of focus but we’ve chosen ones that work well for us and sum up how we want to grow. We hang our family goal sheet on the bulletin board so that we can see if throughout the year – its simple, its short, and its family-oriented as well as personal.


My recommendations for making and keeping your resolutions, goals, or whatever you want to call your New Year’s hopes for change are:

  1. Keep them simple. The bigger the list, the harder it is to accomplish and the more frustrating it will be to see a list of all the things you need to do better.
  2. Put them somewhere that you can see them frequently as a reminder.
  3. Get your kids involved! They should be part of family decisions and see that their parents have goals and hopes for themselves and their family. Plus, its so fun to see what your kids want to do and accomplish in the upcoming year. I think it starts the foundations for goal-oriented children…and who doesn’t want that?!
  4. Be realistic and honest with yourself and your family. Sure we all want to travel the world, be super-mom or super-dad, and win the lottery, but maybe that’s just not feasible this year – find things that are practical, attainable and maybe even in your “backyard”.
  5. Have fun! Life is a journey and its meant to be enjoyed! It doesn’t mean that there aren't hard things – hard things help us grow and become better, but if we can try to enjoy it, I think joy will find us easier.

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