Getting Poop Out of Baby Clothes

Poop - what a glorious topic! Only a parent talks about poop like it was the weather. And only a parent cares one iota about poop and how to get poop stains out.

Before I had a baby I remember thinking… oh my baby won't poop and ruin these cute clothes I bought her. I’ll just catch it in time.  OH how silly I was. We have had SO many blowouts that I definitely did not catch in time. In fact, usually I didn't even know they were coming. So, I'm left with cute baby clothes covered in poop stains. Oh the pain of being a parent.

The two products that have worked the absolute best for me are Oxyclean and liquid dish detergent (the kind that goes in your dishwasher, not Dawn)… what!? Yes, this is true. SO...let me explain: Oxyclean spray works great on fresh messes. So, once I peel the poopy mess off of my baby I race it to the laundry room and spray it down. Let it sit and then wash regularly. The liquid detergent, however, works great on older stains. If I wasn’t able to clean out the poopy mess right away I would put some liquid detergent on the stain and let it sit for about 10 minutes and then put it in the washing machine and wash regularly.  The stains have come out every time! Give it a try and see what you think. And let me know if you have any other amazing poop-stain removing tips ;)





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