Holiday Gift Guide for Kids 2016

There are two kinds of people…the kind that have all (or most) of their Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving, and then the kind who are on a mad dash trying to find presents the couple weeks before Christmas. The stress from trying to find the perfect gift or standing in long lines at the store is enough to drive away any Christmas spirit you may have had and turn you into a total Grinch. So, to make things a bit easier, we have come up with our list of perfect Christmas gifts for your little ones!



 BOB Books

We are huge fans of these books at our house! The mission of Bob Books is to “…provide a step-by-step program to guide your child through the early stages of reading. At each level, books are carefully crafted to meet the needs of a particular stage in a child's reading development.” The stories are simple and easy for young children to understand. Plus, the books are small, and fit perfectly into little hands. My kids love picking out a book (or two, or three) to take with them when we are on-the-go, and get so excited when they’ve mastered one of the books. (


Happy Heart Kid Craft Kits 

Happy Heart Kid is an amazing company that has found a way to make learning about essential life skills a fun thing for children. Their activity kids are filled with games, crafts, and little art projects that help parents teach children about social emotional learning. What we loves is that you can choose entire kits that focus on important social skills such empathy, gratitude, courtesy, perseverance, or generosity. It is a simple way to introduce conversations about these important life lessons. (



Veyo Kids Winter Gloves

I’m going to just go ahead and say that this should be on every parent’s Christmas list (that’s right…this present is just as much for mom and dad as it is for kids). We got these gloves two years ago for our kids, and two winters later, they are still our absolute favorite and most used winter accessory. Why do we love these gloves so much? Where do I even start? The main reason both parents and kids will always choose these gloves over any other are that they are SO easy to put on. There are no separate little compartments for your fingers: they all slide into one large mitt, with some extra space added for little thumbs. Second, there is a buckle that buckles around the wrists, and also an adjustable cinch at the very top of the gloves so you can tighten them up. Both these features make it so that it’s pretty near impossible for snow to sneak in. Third, the gloves are long, so you can pull them up over sweaters and thick coats. Our kids won’t play in the snow in anything else, and I’m happy because I don’t have to worry about their hands getting cold while they’re outside. (




If our family had to pick a favorite game that we like to play together, Spot It would be it. There are 55 cards in each deck, and each card has 8 pictures on it. One of the eight pictures on each card matches one of the eight pictures on the other cards. Whoever can spot the match wins that round. It’s simple enough to play with young children, but is just as fun (and sometimes even challenging) for grown ups as well. My kids have definitely beat me on more than one occasion! There are different variations of the game to make things more challenging, but this would make an awesome stocking stuffer for the whole family. 


Buttons Pins from Social Print Studios 

These customizable pins are a perfect gift for your little ones who like to see pictures of themselves, people they love, or places they’ve been. Through their site, you can create pins with your favorite pictures, and then pin them anywhere you want. Our kids pinned a few of their buttons onto their backpacks, which came especially handy this year as they both started a new school. I would tell them that if they felt sad or missed us, they could just look at their pins and see our pictures. (


What are some of your favorite gifts for kids this year?

-Karim Jones

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