How to Get Your Baby a Passport

So, you’re going on a trip. YAY! And it so happens to be international. You’re filled with all sorts of emotions like excitement, impatience, and stress. This happened to me recently as my husband and I were given 4 weeks to prepare for an international trip for his work. I knew I had to work quickly to get everything together because my passport expired in a few months. So to say I was stressed was an understatement. I raced to Costco to get my passport photos (4.99 for a set of 4 - GREAT deal!), and decided to get my baby some as well. I then raced to the post office where I filled out the paperwork and paid to expedite it. I then started working on the paperwork for my baby. The post office informed me that I would need to call to make an appointment and both my husband and I would need to attend in order to get my baby's passport. When I called to make the appointment they informed me they were booked out 3 weeks. 3 WEEKS!!! I explained that I needed her passport ASAP - was there any other way?! She informed me I could go to a city office and have it sent off from there. YES! A glimmer of hope. So I searched out my city office and BAM - so glad I did! It ended up being very quick and easy as both my husband and I were able to walk right up to the desk and within 15 minutes we had expedited her passport. And just for the record, I then received her passport within 2 weeks. This was WAY better than waiting 3 weeks just for the appointment - I got her passport back before I could have gone to my scheduled appointment. Now - here's the caveat...not every city office does this, so some research may be involved, but hopefully you can find one close by...or hopefully you'll have more time to prepare for international travel. Either way, I highly suggest checking our your city office if your local Passport office has a long wait list. Do you have any other tips for getting your baby's or children's passports? 


Documents needed for your baby’s passport: 

  1. Form DS-11
  2. Both parent’s ID or Passports & copies of them (They made the copies for me)
  3. Your child’s birth certificate 
  4. A check for the amount specified on the form (it is different for certain age groups and if you are expediting)



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