How to Help Your Milk Supply

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Milk supply decreasing? Mine was.


I have a friend who puts cows to shame. Me, on the other hand, have had to work hard to keep my milk supply up. The slightest workout causes my milk supply to thin and decrease-it's so frustrating.


It can be so stressful worrying about your milk supply and thank goodness there are amazing formula options out there that offer fabulous nutrition. For those who are wanting to increase their milk supply, I found a simple smoothie that helped with mine. Now, it may not be the most delicious but it worked for me and I thought it was pretty good! 


1 C chocolate almond milk

2 TBS ground flax seed meal

2 TBS peanut butter or almond butter (peanut butter is more tasty)

1 TBS brewers yeast (I had to find this at a nutrition/natural foods store)

1 medium banana

1/3 C old fashioned rolled oats



Additional add-ins 


Chocolate/peanut butter protein powder


Let blend for a minute or two to let the oats fully breakdown. It makes 1 large smoothie. I have often just drank half of the smoothie one day and the other half the next day and was able to notice an increase in my milk supply rather quickly. If you try it, let me know what you think! And as always - if you have any tips, let me know if the comments.



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