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Wink Naturals Mama Alyssa Tidwell
Wink Fam! Us Llama Mamas need to stick together so we thought it would be fun to feature you guys on the blog every once in a while. So, please meet Alyssa Tidwell. Military Spouse, Life Saver (Registered Nurse), Dog Lover and best of all Super Mom. 
My name is Alyssa Tidwell, and I am a registered nurse, mother of two kids, military spouse, and a huge fan of Wink Naturals! I’m originally from North Carolina but have recently lived in Texas and Oklahoma. Our family is moving to Louisville, Kentucky over the next month and we are excited to explore a new side of the country we have never lived in.  I have worked a wide range of nursing jobs spanning from North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Texas. Most of my working experience has centered on women’s services and pediatrics. I am currently working for the Providence health system in El Paso, Texas. 
I am a parent of two awesome kids and two lovable fur babies. Our son, Tex, is two and a half. Our daughter, Amelia, is 3 months old. We also have two Australian shepherds: Koda and Max.
My favorite Wink Naturals product is also the product that introduced me to the company. The Pure Sleep and Breathe Rub has proven to be a staple in our house and is worth its weight in gold. Our son, Tex, struggled to sleep through the night as an infant and we looked everywhere for natural remedies to help. He was up every 3-4 hours for the first year of his life!
One night, in the wee hours of the morning, while trying to nurse him back to sleep, I came across a Facebook ad for Wink Naturals products and immediately was interested in the product for its all-natural and safe ingredients. The open transparency of ingredients really appealed to me as a person in a profession that is constantly surrounded by medications that can have bad unexpected side effects and is rarely naturally-made. 
Both of our children have proven to be restless sleepers as infants. The Pure Sleep and Breathe Rub was the only product that helped both of our kids sleep through the night. Our daughter Amelia had colic in her first few months and using the Pure Sleep and Breathe rub helped to soothe and calm her nightly colic fits. 
By far the hardest part of parenting is not being able to comfort your babies. We’ve been through it all. We’ve dealt with colic, horrible sleeping patterns, and the dreaded teething! The best thing about Wink Naturals is that the products really work. They have been able to provide me with a peace of mind when it comes to soothing my kids.
Being a nurse and a mom definitely has its benefits. Especially when it comes to sick kiddos, I have a pretty good knowledge of disease processes and how to perform some awesome first aid. Being a nurse also teaches you patience, which we all know how much parenthood requires! My job has taught me to be prepared for anything, which is true to parenthood as well.
We have loved learning about Alyssa, we just wish we could have seen her fur babies as well :).
If you would like to be featured in our 'It Takes A Village' series please let me know:
Raising a child really does take a village so we hope you will join the Wink Naturals Village.  Much Love, Marcia.

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