Our Favorite Teethers

baby teething

Since we have a little teether (and lots of drool!) of our own we've tried a bunch of teethers. Here are some of our favs:

1. Wink Naturals Cool Gum's Teething Gel. Duh, I guess you could say, but seriously, we wouldn't have made it without it. I keep one in my diaper bag, one in my room, one in the living room, and one in the nursery. It keeps baby girl calm and her gums cool and not bothering her so much! It's a lifesaver!

2. Our first sign of teething came when baby girl started munching on her binky clip made by Getting Sew Crafty. It has silicone and wood beads and made a perfect first little teether. And when she was done munching, she would put her binky in her mouth. Two birds with one stone!

3. The Lovey Shop's teether has a little soft lovey attached to an organic hardwood teething ring. The fabric is so soft and can be detached easily to wash (major bonus points!)

4. I'm not sure there is a cuter teething toy out there! Feltman and Co's bright colored silicone and wood teething ring is so cute and so fun for baby to chew on. The hexagon shapes are fun and add another sensory dimension as well.

5. Happy Baby's Gentle Teething Wafers have been awesome. They dissolve quickly so I don't have to worry about choking and baby girl can easily hold them and munch on them to her heart's content. 

6. Baby Banana Brush  has all sorts of fun shapes and angles for baby to munch and hold on to. The little silicone brushers give a fun feel on the gums too. And just a little tip from me...I sometimes put Cool Gums Teething Gel on the brush part of the Baby Banana Brush and I spread it on the gums that way. 


So these are a few of my favorites. What are your favorite tried and true teethers? Or teething helps?




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