Sleep tips for iPhone Users

It seems as though we’re not the only ones that think sleep is uber important – Apple, and several other tech companies are jumping on the bandwagon and we couldn’t be more pleased. There are loads of new additions with every iPhone update, but the ones I’m loving most are sleep-related (of course!).


Here’s a little run through of some of the new (and old) features that help you improve or track your zzzz’s with iPhone.


Night shift: You’ve probably heard about blue light syndrome – or how the blue light that is emitted from electronics (TV’s, iPads, computers, and mobile phones) can trick your brain into thinking its day and therefore mess with your circadian rhythm cycles (feeling tired, sleeping, and waking). Night mode turns the tint on your phone to a more yellow tone so that it is softer on the eyes and exposes your eyes to less blue light which in turn helps your body start to prepare to sleep. This was released in one of the iOS 9 versions, but it was pulled more front and center in iOS 10. From the home screen swipe up to get to your control panel. In your control panel press the night shift button and it will turn on. You can set your night shift to turn off each morning at a certain time to keep you in a good sleep promoting pattern.


Do Not Disturb: This is an old feature, but one of my favorites! It’s the little moon icon when you swipe up from the home screen (on your control panel). When you click the moon icon (“do not disturb”) it still gets all the texts, calls, emails and notifications you would normally see on your phone, but it doesn’t ring or buzz. They come through silently. So, for those that don’t like to turn their phone off, this is a great compromise because your phone can be on, but won’t disturb your peaceful sleep. Just remember to turn it off in the morning if you want to hear your alerts come through.


Bedtime: In the “clock” app there is a new feature called “bedtime”. You can set it up to notify you when its getting close to bedtime, wake you up at certain times depending on how many hours of sleep you’re aiming to get and much more. Plus it is more friendly than that annoying alarm you’re used to setting and waking up to. You can choose what sound you like to wake up to, how you like to wake up, what days you like to sleep in, and much more.


Health: In the “health” app it can track your sleep analysis, as well as your nutrition, activity level and mindfulness. Eating nutritious food, sleeping well, taking time for yourself (meditation), and exercising are all crucial for overall wellbeing. When you sleep well, you eat better, have more energy and you feel better. If you’re wanting to study your sleep more thoroughly and see how you are doing in these areas of health, this app on your iPhone can help.

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