St. Patrick's Day Green Smoothies - KID APPROVED

St. Patty’s Day Green Smoothies, that kids and adults will actually drink!


Why is everyone scared of green smoothies?! I thought they were pretty mainstream now, but I still get crazy reactions to the green-ness every time I make them for someone new. Maybe I just like green, or maybe it’s because my mom sprouted wheat, grew her own sprouts, and all sorts of other stuff during my childhood, so green stuff is not scary to me? Who knows. I do know though, that green generally means healthy, and I think a lot of people equate healthy with gross, which sometimes can be true, but I make it a policy to not eat gross stuff. Period. There’s too much good food, that is also healthy, to eat gross food. There’s no time for that!


So…one morning I made our green smoothies because my girls were begging for them. This same morning, we also had some out-of-town family staying with us and when they saw what we were drinking a slight dread washed over their faces and one of them basically yelled “are you trying to make me poop my pants?” I started laughing uncontrollably, of course, thinking to myself, “What?! Why would I do that?” Honestly, I didn’t care if she tried some or not - I made it for me and my girls - but she hesitantly agreed to and loved it! Let it be known, she did not poop her pants and she now makes these smoothies regularly. Lesson learned: never judge a smoothie by it’s color :) 


Honestly, I cannot tell you how many people have tried these and said “YUM!!! What did you put in that, it is so good!” So, here’s the recipe. It’s nothing fancy but I don’t think you can mess it up and it’s 4, yes FOUR, ingredients!


Green Smoothies

2 Cups Orange Juice

1-2 ripe bananas

5 cups Spinach 

1 cup frozen fruit (I use the tropical Festival fruit mix from Costco)


Blend it all together and Viola.





You can use frozen berries or any frozen fruit that you like - just realize it could change the color of the smoothie.

If you have leftover smoothie, pour it into a Popsicle mold and it makes awesome & healthy popsicles :) 



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