Wink’s Last Year as a Toddler (Happy 3 Years!)

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Happy Birthday, Wink! Let's talk past, present, and future. And what's a birthday without gifts?

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It Takes A Village: Alyssa Tidwell

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Wink Fam! Us Llama Mamas need to stick together so we thought it would be fun to feature you guys on the blog every once in a while. So, please meet Alyssa Tidwell. Military Spouse, Life Saver (Registered Nurse), Dog Lover and best of all Super Mom.  My name is Alyssa Tidwell, and I am a registered nurse, mother of two kids, military spouse, and a huge fan of Wink Naturals! I’m originally from North Carolina but have recently lived in Texas and Oklahoma. Our family is moving to Louisville, Kentucky over the next month and we are excited to...

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How Much Sleep Do We Need?

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Knowing how much sleep you and your little one need can be difficult. Just as each child is different, so can their sleep needs be as well. Children, when they lack sleep, have an opposite reaction to that of many adults or what many adults would think looks “tired”. When adults are tired, they usually slow down, get sluggish and sleepy, moody and experience what we know as ‘tired symptoms’. When children are tired or over tired they can react in the opposite way with symptoms resembling ADHD like hyperactivity, moodiness, energy surges, resistance and more (1).    In 2015,...

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Sleep Training Options and Recommendations

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Babies and sleep can sometimes be a hard thing to figure out. There are many different methods of sleep training, and it is up to you as parents to figure out which one works best for you and your child. While we don't explicitly recommend any one way, here are some ways the AAP has studied and highlights.   The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) supports and recognizes behavioral techniques in helping infants learn to sleep. Two different sleep-training methods, the “Controlled Comforting” and the “Camping Out” methods were specially recognized in a recent study evaluating the longer effects of sleep...

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Are Teething Gels and Teething Tablets Safe?

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If you have a teething babe, chances are you are wondering what is safe to give your child that can help relieve teething pain. In the past year there have been strong warnings issued by the FDA, some product recalls, and other newsworthy events surrounding certain teething tablets and teething gels. Let’s look at the teething situation.    Why are teething tablets bad? Recently the FDA has taken a strong position against homeopathic teething gels and tablets because of the suspect ingredient Belladonna, which another word for it is Deadly Nightshade.  It can cause adverse reactions in small infants and...

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