You Deserve Better Bath Wash, And Here's Why!

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As a parent there’s no better feeling in the world than pulling your warm little nugget fresh and clean from the tub and wrapping them up in a big fluffy towel, slathering their little bodies in lotion, pulling on jammies and putting them to bed all clean and cozy, smelling like heaven. Bath time is the best! Bath time means happy, clean kids. The honest to goodness last thing you should be worried about during this daily ritual (sometimes multiple times daily, you feel me?) is the stuff you’re using to wash your kiddos clean.   What’s the worry, bath...

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How Much Sleep Do We Need?

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Knowing how much sleep you and your little one need can be difficult. Just as each child is different, so can their sleep needs be as well. Children, when they lack sleep, have an opposite reaction to that of many adults or what many adults would think looks “tired”. When adults are tired, they usually slow down, get sluggish and sleepy, moody and experience what we know as ‘tired symptoms’. When children are tired or over tired they can react in the opposite way with symptoms resembling ADHD like hyperactivity, moodiness, energy surges, resistance and more (1).    In 2015,...

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Homeopathy vs Natural

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In 2013, shortly before I founded Wink Naturals I was explaining the idea to a friend and they quickly said "Oh, so like homeopathic products?" I just shook my head and said “no”. Fortunately this response wasn't new to me because for the 8 years prior, I had worked in the natural products space and saw daily how confusing homeopathy was.  Many confuse HOMEOPATHY with NATURAL. If you you're thinking, "Well, aren't they the same?" don't worry, I will clarify things a bit.  Let me first explain the definition of Homeopathy directly from the FDA website:  "The term "homeopathy" is...

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Pumpkin Thai Soup + Lunch Kebabs

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Hey all! My name is Lindse Reynolds, and I specialize in pre/post natal nutrition and fitness, child and adolescent nutrition and sports nutrition. Here is a great Fall Recipe that is healthy, filling, and delicious, and more importantly, the whole family will like it. Try it out and let me know what you think! To download the recipe PDF click here. For more information, recipes, and health inspiration, follow me along here: For Facebook For Instagram @mrsfpfitness Website  A little more about me...I am a wife to an awesome husband and a work from home mom with 2 boys. My oldest will be...

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Kid Approved Recipe: Blueberry and Vanilla Yogurt Parfait

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Hey all! My name is Lindse Reynolds, I am a wife to an awesome husband and a work from home mom with 2 boys. My oldest will be 3 on Halloween and my second is 17 months! I own my own online nutrition and fitness business as well as a child and adolescent nutrition program for parents called 'Not Mommy, Just Me'. I have a huge passion to help,  empower and equip women to be comfortable in their own skin, learn how to eat properly, exercise effectively, and help to encourage healthy family habits that can last a lifetime! I...

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