How Does Xylitol Help Teeth?

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What is Xylitol?  Xylitol is a sugar substitute that is derived from fruits and vegetables. Although it has gained quite a lot of press in recent years, it has been studied for decades - especially on it’s affect with oral health.    The studies can get very technical about different oral bacterias and “mutants” that cause havoc on oral health, but here is a great summary from a couple clinical studies with clinical links and resources at the bottom of the article.   How xylitol works and why is it good for your teeth:  Xylitol “reduces the adhesion of cavity...

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Are Teething Gels and Teething Tablets Safe?

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If you have a teething babe, chances are you are wondering what is safe to give your child that can help relieve teething pain. In the past year there have been strong warnings issued by the FDA, some product recalls, and other newsworthy events surrounding certain teething tablets and teething gels. Let’s look at the teething situation.    Why are teething tablets bad? Recently the FDA has taken a strong position against homeopathic teething gels and tablets because of the suspect ingredient Belladonna, which another word for it is Deadly Nightshade.  It can cause adverse reactions in small infants and...

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Teething Gel Application

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Baby Wren LOVES her Cool Gums Teething Gel! It cools her gums, distracts her and helps her cope with the pain caused by teething, helps her sleep, and even helps her eat.  I have learned, however, that sometimes I have to change the way I apply it in order to maximize its effectiveness.        I can often just put it on my finger and rub it directly on her gums. Other times I've gotten a little more creative and I put it directly on her binky to help her sleep, and even on her bottle to help her eat....

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Our Favorite Teethers

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Since we have a little teether (and lots of drool!) of our own we've tried a bunch of teethers. Here are some of our favs: 1. Wink Naturals Cool Gum's Teething Gel. Duh, I guess you could say, but seriously, we wouldn't have made it without it. I keep one in my diaper bag, one in my room, one in the living room, and one in the nursery. It keeps baby girl calm and her gums cool and not bothering her so much! It's a lifesaver! 2. Our first sign of teething came when baby girl started munching on her binky clip...

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