The Anti-MLM: Wink’s Venture Program

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Mamas Happy About Wink Naturals Venture Program

Have you heard about the Wink Naturals Venture Opportunity? It’s the first direct sales opportunity focused solely on parent and child. But what does that mean? It means we are nothing like all of the MLM’s out there. In fact, we are the Anti-MLM!

Before we get into all of that. Let’s get to know Wink.

Who is Wink Naturals? 

Wink Naturals is an e-commerce company that sells a variety of products for parent and child. A few of our products include teething gel, sleep melts and drops (for parent and child), chest rub, bath wash and bum balm. Each of these products solves a pain, discomfort or annoyance.

Our goal is to simplify parenting.

We do that by creating 100% safe, drug-free products that are proven to work.

That means that you don’t have to spend countless hours finding safe products for your babies--we’ve already done the work (and we have the clinical studies to prove it).

We believe in our product and we believe that the best Ambassador is a fellow parent.

Enter Wink’s Venture Opportunity.

Wink Naturals Venture Opportunity

$55 BILLION! That’s how much people spend in the baby and family care industry. When it comes to our kids, we want the best products, and we will pay for it.

Consumers want personal brands. Better yet, consumers want the brands that their best friend, or role model use.

Think about your buying habits. Are you more likely to purchase a product if your best friend recommended it? That’s probably a yes. Why? Because you trust your friend. If it worked for her, it can work for you!

When Wink Naturals first started, we were solely an e-commerce company. We wanted to create great products that impacted and strengthened families.

We started getting requests from our loyal customers requesting to sell our products, and we realized that the best way to impact families was to let you share the products as well (and get paid for it).

How Wink is the Anti-MLM 

We have nothing against MLM’s, they can provide incredible business opportunities to the right people! But there are lots of stereotypes that come with the MLM stamp.

We asked our customers what they hated about MLM’s and we decided that our Venture Program would be very different.

First and foremost, we are customer-obsessed. Your happiness is our ultimate goal, so the last thing we want to do is create an opportunity that seems unattainable.

That’s why we offer extensive training and tools for our Venture Members.

A few of these tools include:

  • A Free Personal Website
  • Advanced Social Media Training
  • Product Info Decks To Help You Become A Product Expert
  • Product Brochures To Share With Your Customers

A few things we left out:

  • No Autoship
  • No Quotas or Inventory Required
  • No Monthly or Annual Fees
  • No Gimmicks
  • No Recruiting (Unless You Want To)

We thrive on transparency.

Show Me The MONEY 

Being a parent is busy and having kids can be, well, expensive! Maybe you're a stay-at-home mom or dad who wants some extra income, or maybe you're a working mom or dad who wants a side hustle. Whatever your situation, the Wink Venture Program can help bring in some residual income.

Our products speak for themselves in quality and effectiveness, so we aren’t looking for people to annoy or harass their friends and family.

We are looking for people who want to share Wink’s products to help simplify other parent’s lives.

We have 5 ways you can get paid:

  1. Retail Commission
  2. Fast Start
  3. Uni-Level Compensation Plan
  4. 3x3
  5. Founder’s Club
Wink Naturals Infographic-Ways To Get Paid

 Whether you’re a lone wolf or the leader of the pack, you can make $$$ sharing some Wink Love with the world.

Joining the Wink Village

We know that it takes a village to raise a kid. The worst thing that a mama can experience is feeling all alone in her mama duties. Becoming a part of the Venture Program means you become a part of the Wink Village.

A tribe of fellow moms and dads who are sharing tips and tricks on how to deal with a teething baby, while also cheering you on as you recruit people onto your team.

We know that this opportunity isn’t for everyone. We want people who truly believe in Wink Naturals.

Do you consider yourself Patient? Resilient? Entrepreneurial? Have you ever tried any Wink products?

We want the best of the best. And to do that, we have an application process for those interested.

Apply Here.

Our intention is not to discourage anyone from applying, but to make sure that we are getting people who are driven and resilient.

After your application, you will have a FaceTime or Skype interview with someone at Wink HQ. This is a great way for us to really get to know you. From there we determine who will be accepted that month. The number of applicants accepted will vary month to month.

As of today we are still in pre-launch (Hello Founder’s Club)! Come March 1st we will officially launch the Wink Venture Program. We hope you will join us.

See if you qualify for this incredible opportunity.



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