Tips for anxiety to use with Zen Drops

Many of us get anxiety - in fact, it is the most common form of mental illness in the United States (source). I've had trauma in the past, that led to the diagnosis of PTSD. I recently visited a therapist, and wanted to share with everyone some tips to help with the anxiety, to go along with taking the Zen drops. 
First we have, relaxation. 
1-Get comfortable: Lie or sit down. Make sure that your back and neck are supported.
2- Begin to relax: Focus on breathing. Breathe slowly, deeply and evenly, until you begin to feel relaxed.
3-Begin tensing and relaxing your muscles: Tense your right fist and arm for a few seconds, then relax it. Feel the difference between tensed and relaxed. Repeat until you start to feel more relaxed. 
4- Start to tense and relax some of your other muscles. Examples are legs, shoulders, chest, stomach, hips, eyes or any of your more tense muscles. You can do these in any order. 
5-Begin to image a pleasant seen or memory, that makes you happy. Like a good daydream.
6-To help strengthen the visual, use sensations such as warmth, like you're envisioning a happy day with family or friends on a beach. 
7-Start ending the relaxation by telling yourself "I feel relaxed", "I feel in control of myself".
Finally, do these steps, whenever you are feeling stressed and need to relax. 
There is also a calming breathing technique. 
1-Take a long, slow breathe, slowly breathe out. Do these while counting to three.
2-When you exhale, exhale slowly, through your mouth while opened to the size of a straw. Relax the muscles in your face, jaw, shoulders and stomach. 
You can do this 10 times a day in order to let go of stress and tension to gain some calmness. 
I know there are a lot of moms and dads in here, and sometimes time to ourselves is few and far between. Try some of these after the kids go to sleep, or during nap time. With three boys myself, I know I don't have a lot of time either. But sometimes as parents, we all need a few minutes to ourselves to unwind and reconnect. 

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