Traveling Organized with Kids


It’s summer time [partayyyy], which also means it is vacation time! I don’t know about you, but packing is THE ABSOLUTE WORST part of vacation. I feel like I need all the laundry done before I delve in and then I have to pack my self, then pack for both my children and make sure we have car/airplane activities, snacks and food, medicine - in case anyone gets sick or hurt - and above all, try not to over pack because who wants to unload 12 bags for 4 people. Oh the dilemma of packing. 


Over the years I’ve gathered tips from experience and other moms to help travel lighter with kids and make the packing easier. I’m all ears to hear more so share your packing tips in the comments! 


  1. Plan ahead. That’s boring, I know. We are fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants kind of people at my house, but even if I make a little list in my cell phone “notes” section of how many days and nights and anything different we’ll need (i.e. swim suits, snow pants, hiking shoes, sunscreen, etc.) it makes it a lot easier and faster when packing the bags…plus, I have mom brain so even if I think “I need to pack sunscreen”, when I go to actually pack it doesn’t mean my brain will recall that info, [sigh] such is mom life.
  2. Plan enough outfits for each day plus one or two (in case of accidents) and half as many PJ’s - we have our kids wear their PJ’s for 2-3 nights while on vacation.
  3. Put each outfit with any needed accessories into a Gallon size ziplock bag (or packing cubes if you have them). Push air out and zip shut. First, this keeps things together and makes them easy to find. Second, you don’t forget things as easily. Third, it helps save space by keeping things flat, stackable and compact.


There you have it! When you travel, don’t forget to take pics and tag us as well as #travelwithwink for a chance to win free products. What tips can you share with me?


Click here for a PDF kids packing printable.

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