Ways to Stay Sane as a New Mom

Becoming a mother is truly one of the most incredible experiences. There really aren’t many words to describe the experience or the transition into motherhood and for some it is exhilarating, and for others it is completely exhausting. Either way, I think most would agree that it is overwhelming, to say the least. I am a first time mom and experienced many of the emotions and stressors that come with bringing a new little baby home and here are some of the ways that I was able to stay sane.


  1. Have a TV show that you enjoy watching. Those first few months we spent A LOT of time watching shows as we also spent A LOT of time feeding, rocking, and snuggling our baby. This helped so much in being able to still feel a little like myself.


  1. If possible, have your partner, or someone else, help with midnight feedings and diaper changes. While feeding the baby was primarily up to me, as I was breastfeeding, my husband would get up and change our baby’s diaper and then bring her to me for feeding. Occasionally he could help feed her a bottle if I had pumped enough. This was so helpful because I definitely felt like we were in a partnership and struggling with sleep deprivation together. I didn’t make him do this every night since he had to go to work but for the first few weeks as she was eating every few hours this was a very helpful strategy that helped me stay sane.


  1. Taking baths. Enough said, right!? With all the trauma our bodies go through after having a baby they need serious TLC. In the evenings I would have my husband watch the baby and I would take a warm bath and let my sore body just sit and relax. I can’t even begin to describe how much I would look forward to this time, and it felt so good on my traumatized body parts ;)


Hope this helps! You've got this mama!!




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