What to keep in your Diaper Bag

I know everyone is different and every baby has different needs, but I get asked a lot what is in my diaper bag so here you go :) I try and keep it simple so I'm not lugging around more than the necessary items because, letsbehonest...we have our arms full already!

What I keep in my diaper bag:

- Diapers
- Wipes
- Changing pad
- Formula travel container
- ComoTomo bottle
- Wink Naturals Bum Balm
- Teething toys
- Happy Baby Yogis
- Gerber Graduate Puffs
- Cheerios
- Wink Naturals Teething Gel
- Wink Naturals Lotion
- Change of clothes for baby
- Trader Joe's Mints, Trader Joes lotion, and lip gloss for me :)
- Boogie Wipes
That's it! Exciting huh?! What are some must-have items you keep in your diaper bag? 

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