What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag


What to take to the hospital
I read a lot of posts about what to take to the hospital and what I would need. In all honesty, I didn't need much. I spent most of my time in my hospital gown and sitting in the bed holding my new sweet baby. Here are a few items that I did need and use:
1. Outfit for the baby to go home in
2. Outfit/change of clothes for you (robe/sweats)
3. Make up/ tooth brush/ hair brush (after 17 hours of labor and laying in bed for even longer, it did feel good to brush my hair and put on a little bit of make up).
4. A book. This one is debatable because when you're anticipating the birth of your baby it can be hard to focus on anything else. However, I had a long and slow labor and actually found it very nice to have a book to distract me. 
5. Swaddle for the baby. 
6. Nursing ointment. I took this to the hospital but didn't use it and I regretted not starting it immediately. If you plan on nursing I recommend taking this to the hospital and using it day one. Avid the cracking and unnecessary pain peeps - believe me!
7. Enough room in your bag to take everything from the hospital home in. If your nurses are nice, like mine were, they give you diapers and wipes, along with all the recovery items that you will use. They also give you a few folders full of paperwork that take up more room than they should. I was surprised with all that we had to take home and next time will have more open luggage space for it.  

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