Why Lavender Helps Calm and Relax

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We get a lot of questions about how lavender helps you sleep and why it relaxes and calms. Lavender has been used for centuries in bathing, washing, massage, aromatherapy, and for several medicinal purposes. While lavender is touted as one of the best essential oils, what actually make it so great for sleep? And is all the hype true? We’ve gathered some clinical research that can help answer those questions for you. 


A lot of studies have been done on lavender, but for now we’ll focus on the studies surrounding sleep and relaxation with lavender inhalation.


Research shows that inhaling lavender helps lower blood pressure, heart rate, and skin temperature which assists greatly in putting your body in a more relaxed state and getting you more prepared for sleep. (Source 1)


Other studies have measure the quality of sleep that occurs after lavender oil inhalation and have been conclusive in showing that sleep quality is also improved by inhaling lavender (Source 2). Those with mild insomnia have also shown to benefit significantly from nightly lavender oil inhalation. (Source 3)



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