Why We're Celebrating The FDA's Recent Announcement!

FDA homeopathy vs natural natural products

Homeopathy vs natural

BIG News, Wink Fam!!

We know first hand that when it comes to your kids and the products you use, you can never be too careful. It’s the entire reason we started Wink Naturals in the first place and our mission has stayed the same: natural products that are safe and effective for the entire family. It’s that simple!

Wink Naturals is just that, a natural company. We definitely use natural ingredients in our products, but never homeopathic, and only natural ingredients that are safe, tested and clinically proven to work. We DO NOT produce, manufacture or promote any homeopathic products and never will.

Homeopathy and natural are most definitely NOT the same and we’ve been calling for regulation, transparency, and honesty from these companies since we rolled out our first line of products.

Unfortunately, there’s a flood of homeopathic products and companies claiming to be both natural and safe when in fact, they are not, confusing consumers and putting them in contact with ingredients that can be unsafe and potentially toxic. These “remedies” make drug-like claims to treat a variety of ailments and conditions with no scientific evidence to back them up and we don’t need to tell you how dangerous and harmful that can be.

These manufacturers and products have been largely unregulated by the FDA until now.  Crazy, right?

How? Why?

We don’t know. It makes no sense! So when the FDA finally announced their intent to actually crack down on these thousands of potentially unsafe products and manufacturers a few days ago, we started celebrating because it’s about time!

At Wink, we’re committed to using natural ingredients that are safe and proven and backed up by actual clinical research. Science is our friend! These are the standards we hold ourselves to as a manufacturer of natural products, and we expect the same from others.  We do not support homeopathy.

Never forget that your family deserves the best products and solutions, and the best is what we will always bring. Our ingredients are always listed on the label, we do not use unsafe fillers or chemicals in our formulas, and we do not make any claims or use ingredients that can’t be backed up by research and clinical proof.

That is our constant promise to you!


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