If you don't find an answer you are looking for, please email us at Hello@WinkNaturals.com and we will respond as soon as we can. 

Where do I go to place an order?

  • Please visit our new website, winknaturals.com, to view our updated product list and to place an order! 

Where's my order? 

  • We understand that your sleep and the sleep of your family is important so we make shipments every day. If your order is placed before 1 PM Mountain Standard Time, your order will go out same day. Depending on your shipping preference, plan on 2-4 business days. PLEASE refer to the tracking information found in your order details.
  • Before contacting us, please call the post office with your tracking number to see the status of your order.  If you have done all of this and still can't find your order, please feel free to contact us and we will help you!

How much sleep is enough? 

  • This varies by age but according to many credible sites and doctors we have asked it is recommended that: 
    • 1-3 years of age get 12-14 hours of sleep
    • 3-6 years of age get 10-12 hours of sleep
    • 7-12 years of age get 9-10 hours of sleep
    • 12-18 years of age get 8-9 hours of sleep
    • 18-25 years of age get 7-9 hours of sleep
    • 26-65+ years of age get 7-8 hours of sleep 
  • These recommendations are suggestions but consistency of sleep is another factor that needs to be considered.  Getting proper sleep for one night is good but making it a habit of getting several nights in a row should be the ultimate goal. 

    There are several different types of sleep products out there, why should I try yours?

    • Great question! There are several different types of sleep products with many different forms. Wink Naturals was created with one goal in mind: Help you and your family sleep better and sleep more. We do this by following 3 major rules.  
    1. Manufacture only in quality facilities that take quality control and product integrity as serious as we do. When we tell you that our product has a certain ingredient, we guarantee you it does. 
    2. Formulate useful products in delivery forms that our customers actually want. Our products are unique and extremely user-friendly. We think you'll agree.
    3. We back EVERY product we sell. If you aren't 100% satisfied, check out our happy guarantee policy.   

    Do your products have drugs in them? 

    • Nope. Our products don't have any medication or drugs in them.  We strive to produce only the highest quality, natural products for you and your family.  Our formulas are simple, proven to work and created with you in mind.  

    Do you test on animals? 

    • No. We don't test our formulas on animals. Seems like kittens and puppies sleep just fine. 

    How do your formulas work? 

    • Great question! Over the past several years and when I Co-Founded Zarbee's Inc, we made it a goal ONLY to produce products we ourselves would feel comfortable recommending to our family and that we knew would actually work.  We spent a lot of time researching unique and existing ingredients that had clinical evidence showing they worked. If we weren't convinced that our formula would work, be safe or was unnatural, we'd shelf it and not produce it.  I still live by this principle and will only offer products with strong evidence for efficacy and safety. Each product is made up from different ingredients and we have data supporting each product we make. 

    What is your return policy? 

    • All orders that are within 30 days of the order date are eligible for a 100% refund or exchange.

      For a monetary refund: You must send back the products, opened or unopened is fine, and the order must be postmarked by the 30-day mark from your order date! For example, if you ordered January 1, then you need to have your return order in the mail by January 30. 

      Here are some ways to return: 

      • By writing RTS on any USPS orders and placing them back in your mailbox. This way, there is no charge to you to return the order.
      • By refusing the order from FedEx. You can call ahead if you know you don't want it, or catch them when they're delivering it. 
      • By packaging up your goods and following a standard shipping process. We do not cover the cost of return labels, but we will refund any shipping you paid on the initial order when it's returned.

      Please note, credit card refunds can take up to 10 business days from the date the order is returned to our warehouse.

      For a Loyalty Point refund: You must send us an email, hello@winknaturals.com, and we'll add the Points into your account! Make sure to email by the 30-day mark from your order date. For example, if you ordered January 1, then you need to email us by January 30. Loyalty Points are dollar for dollar store credits you can use on one-time orders :) They expire after two years.

      For a product exchange: Send us an email, hello@winknaturals.com, and let us know what happened with the current product you have, and what product you're interested in trying instead! If you aren't sure what you'd like to try instead, we're happy to offer suggestions based on what your needs are.

      For any other questions, email us! We're here to help! hello@winknaturals.com

    • This literally means there is no risk for you to try our products.  We are parents ourselves, and we want to treat you just as you'd like to be treated.  The only thing we ask is that when our products work for you, share your experience with your friends and family! For subscription orders, you will be notified 3 days before your order ships.  If you do not cancel or edit your order before the order ships and you wish to cancel your order, shoot us an email (hello@winknaturals.com) and we will try to help you! 

     What happens if there is a negative interaction with your product? 

    •  Consult your doctor as quickly as possible and then contact us at Hello@WinkNaturals.com Our products are natural and drug-free so there should never be a risk of a contraindication with other drugs but we always recommend you speak with your doctor prior to using any of our products. 

    How does the Subscribe and Save membership work? 

    • Joining our subscription program is the best way to save money, get free shipping and not have to worry about reordering our product.  When you sign up, you enroll in our monthly shipment program. You choose the products you want, you will receive those products automatically depending on the dates and frequencies you chose. Also, you save 15% on all products, get free shipping on all subscription items, and if you're on our new system (winknaturals.com) then you earn store credit for being a loyal subscriber!